Lets Get Back to Basics : Gods Plan for The Family Unit

The current Global Epidemic is a wake up call and a call to action. So many of us are in fear, but it is essential that we try to understand the meaning of what is going on. Its not the same for everyone, but I will share what I think we need to takeaway from this whole experience.

I believe that God wants us to slow down or stop what we are currently doing and rethink our current behavior and contributions to the world according to His purpose for us. Are we aligned to His predestined plan or we have deviated and we are walking or running in the wrong direction. It takes a lot to stop people in their tracks because we have all become too busy for God.

Our world today bursts with activity! Opportunities and expectations abound. Knowledge is constantly increasing, and the hustle and bustle of daily life keeps us constantly on the move, just as God prophesied would be the case at the end of this age (Daniel 12:4).

 Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the pace of life today? Have you ever felt like a slave to your job or your daily grind? Do you sometimes feel that your life is controlling you, and that you have little or no control over your own life?

In short—is your life simply too busy? If so, is it possible that you have become “too busy for God”?

Maybe you have had the thought, “When things slow down, I will finally be able to…”? Do you find yourself wishing you could spend more time with family? That you could spend more time with God? That you could catch up on your Bible study? That you had more time to read Church literature? That you could pray more? That you could set aside some time to fast?

Whatever it is you want to be doing, are you “too busy” to do it?

I have been a victim of this in my own family as I never get enough time to talk to my children, spend time with my wife and just spend alone time with God. There is always an excuse and I believe the more time I spend with God getting to know Him, the better I would be able to handle life issues within my own family and Gods true purpose for my life.

Unfortunately, many families get bogged down in these ways, but God has a higher purpose for each family. It is not merely to have fun and enjoy each other’s company for a lifetime. His desire is for the family to produce spiritually and emotionally mature human beings who in turn get the work of God done in the earth. This is the ultimate reason for getting married. This is the ultimate reason for forming a family. From a holiness perspective, anything less is missing the mark.

Every Christian family should realize early after its formation—or even before—that it has a special calling from God to fulfill the prophecy as children of Abraham through Christ to “bless all the other families of the earth.” God promised Abraham, “In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed…” (Genesis 12:3), a direct prophecy that Abraham’s chief contribution to the world would come through the Person of Jesus Christ. The Bible clearly teaches that believers are the children of Abraham today through faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 2:29; 4:13; Galatians 3:29), so this prophecy and responsibility to “bless” the world applies to us today.

Christian couples have this calling upon their lives first as individuals but also as a family unit. The whole family—both parents and all the children God wants them to produce—must find out and fulfill their specific calling together, purposefully living every moment of their lives with this calling in mind, always aware that they have no other reason for their existence.

Thus, in a family professing holiness, both partners must make God’s program their family program and pursue it diligently and exclusively. Their motto should be, “There is no business but God’s business,” and they must live their lives accordingly. As the children grow, they are included in the family ministry and calling, and should remain in that calling until they receive their own call directly from God. The idea of being outside a God-given calling, free to concentrate on secular pursuits and ambitions, should be foreign to a family operating from a holiness perspective.

If I evaluate if I have done what God has purposed me to do for and with my family I will definitely get a mark much lower than 50% and that is enough to jolt me to action and take a good look at the plan and the action I intend to take with leading my wife and my family.

Even Christ himself was born within the context of a family. “God in the flesh” submitted to an earthly mom and dad to model what it means to honor parents and to benefit from their loving direction. It was within the nurturing care of His earthly family that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52).

Our children need to know that God has a special purpose for placing them within a family. Lets all get back to basics and spend quality time with our Nuclear family and do what God has purposed for the Family Unit.

God will guide us out of this Pandemic, but in the meantime, lets be safe, not have fear and focus our energy on reigniting the true purpose that God has for our families. Family over everything.

Wilbert Frank Chaniwa

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