Loyalty in Marriage & Relationships

With all the challenges my wife and i have faced over the 8 years we have been married, and the fact that she has consistently stood by me no matter what the circumstances were made me think about how lucky I am in this day and age to have a loyal wife . How loyal and committed are people really in marriages and relationships these days?

What is Loyalty? Webster’s defines loyalty as “Faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful government, … faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is held to be due, … faithful to a cause, ideal or custom.” Essentially loyalty means the same as faithfulness.

How many young people are deeply loyal to their parents, teachers, families and schools? How many husbands are loyal to their wives or wives loyal to their husbands. How many are being taught to be loyal to God, His purposes, laws and way of life? “Many a man proclaims his own steadfast love, but a faithful [loyal] man who can find?” lamented Solomon in Proverbs 20:6 The absence of loyalty was a problem in Solomon’s time. It is still a problem today. Why? Loyalty or faithfulness is difficult to teach human beings because we are naturally selfish, self-centered pleasure seekers.

Remember, loyalty is equal to faithfulness. No child wakes up in the morning deciding to be faithful. He must be taught to be. Loyalty is best taught within the structure of the family.

Jesus Christ set us the perfect example of unfaltering loyalty. Never once was He disloyal to the Father. Jesus Christ always exalted God. In fact, He stated that His purpose in life was to declare His Father (John 1:18). Jesus Christ put His Father first in everything. He humbled Himself before God—even gave up His own divinity—to fulfill His Father’s will (John 17:4-5; Philippians 2:5-8). This is the first and most important building block of loyalty.

Of all of the relationships into which people enter, the family is the most important,” “We are raised by parents, confronted with siblings, and introduced to peers through our familial roots. Indeed, human character arises out of the very commitments people make to others in their family or outside of it. Marriage, of course, is the supreme form of that commitment.”

Is faithfulness in marriage worth the effort? Of course it is. As a husband who has made many mistakes, I am grateful I have had a loyal wife. Losing my family would have just destroyed me. Loyalty makes the marriage more stable and lasting, and each of the partners benefits as an individual. For instance, when a husband is faithfully committed to the well-being of his wife, she has a feeling of security that brings out the best in her. The same is true of the husband. His resolve to be loyal to his wife helps him to develop a commitment to righteous principles in all areas of his life.

If a husband and wife go through a difficult period just like what I went through with my wife, loyalty will make both feel secure. On the other hand, in a marriage lacking loyalty, a frequent reaction to problems is to separate or seek a divorce. Such a step, far from solving problems, often means a transition to other problems.

Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love Jehovah God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Mark 12:30) This means that we owe God total loyalty. Being loyal to Jehovah God brings rich rewards. He will never let us down or disappoint us, for he says of himself: “I am loyal.” (Jeremiah 3:12) Indeed, loyalty, or faithfulness, to God brings everlasting rewards.—1 John 2:17. Let’s all strive to be Loyal to God and His ways, our Spouses, Families and relationships.

Will Frank –
Dating & Matrimony Ministries

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