Be Careful Who Advises You in Marriage 

People can be your worst enemy in times of weakness and indecision in your life. Many women attribute their decision to divorce to bad advice received from a caring friend, counselor, loved one, or ministry leader.

If you are not grounded in the TRUTHS of God’s Word, then you will be blown about by every wind of doctrine, tossed to and fro by the advice of people. I feel sorry for people who seek answers from other people, because you’re going to get all kinds of answers.

The Bible is the most abused and misused Book in the world. If someone knows that you believe the Bible, then they will maliciously twist the Bible in an attempt to lead you into making some very bad decisions. This is why the serpent misquoted the Scriptures to Eve (Hath God said, Genesis 3:1). This is why Satan misapplied the Scriptures to Jesus in Matthew 4:1-10. Satan is a liar (John 8:44). He will tell you whatever you want to hear to provide excuses for you to sin.

When my wife and I were having serious issues that could have possibly led to separation and divorce,  I remember getting advice from a single friend of mine and he told me I should leave the marriage if it’s too tough. I know my wife also got advice from her friends who also advised her negatively. Most of these unsolicited “marriage advisors” are not qualified as marriage counselors and have no spouses nor success in their own marriages. They have a selfish agenda to ensure you join them in their sad states. 

I’m telling you as a friend, whoever you may be, be very careful what advice you take from people. It is human nature for people to give unsought advice to others. People love to tamper in other people’s relationships. Even worse, it is typical for people to give destructive advice to others because they are not emotionally involved with the matter. Some people might think that is a good thing, since they are not emotionally attached and can think clearer; but in reality, the truth is that people don’t care if they ruin your marriage and family, because they feel absolutely NO LOVE WHATSOEVER for your loved ones. This is why it is a very bad idea to seek advice from people during times of marital crisis. Those advisors couldn’t care less if they ruin your marriage.

My wife and I have seen some our friends marriages destroyed and divorces executed because of marital issues.. And after we hear some of the issues that are causing the divorce we know we have gone through worse and we are still together Only because we let God lead our choices. 

If you want safe advice, seek out the advice of a person who has been successfully married to the same person for 40-years, preferably someone who has had many marriage problems but toughed it out. Any coward can quit when the going gets rough. Any quitter can throw-in-the-towel and walk out on a spouse who’s crying and begging in tears for forgiveness. Jesus commanded to forgive 70 times 7 or else you won’t be forgiven (Matthew 18:22). In divorce, you are refusing to forgive. Divorce is an act of selfish hatred, an act of revenge and malicious vindictiveness. God hates divorce and calls it treacherous (Jeremiah 3:20). I tell you, DON’T DIVORCE!

I’m so sick of people saying that they agree with certain divorces, when they didn’t live with the married couple 24-hours a day and DON’T understand the total facts. It’s easy to recommend divorce when you’re not losing the love of your life or children . To then it’s just a game, a decision, some advice that you give; but to the person being walked out on, they are losing everything they lived for. Marriage is supposed to be based upon unconditional love. Anything less is shallow and worldly selfishness.

THE BIBLE is the Ultimate Advisor that any marriage couple should seek All the Time for All marriage issues

I encourage all of you, husbands and wives alike, to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES as Jesus commanded in John 5:39, and let the unconditional love of God be shed abroad in your heart and mind. Divorce is NEVER the answer. Please don’t divorce, no matter what. Leave if you must for awhile, get a job; but don’t drag your spouse into a heathen court system and bring shame to the name of Jesus Christ as so many are doing today. Oh how evil and ungodly it is!

Micah 7:5 “Put no trust in a neighbor; have no confidence in a friend; guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your arms”

Wilbert Frank Chaniwa – @wilbertfc

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